These twelve discipleship booklets present some of the most foundational topics in the Christian faith in an easy to use self-study format. They’re great for private and small-group studies. We’ve printed thousands of them at Tri-County: making them available on a table in our welcome center, giving the first booklet away in our visitor packets, and encouraging every new believer to pair up with another believer who can work through all twelve booklets as a team.

The links above provide the booklets in 8.5″ x 11″ format so they can be printed as either full-page, large-print handouts or as booklets (using your printer’s booklet feature). Please use and distribute these discipleship materials as much as you want. All we require is that you don’t charge for them or change them in any way.

Chris Anderson, the founding pastor of Tri-County, drafted these booklets in 1997 with the input of several other church planters from Grace Church of Mentor. Grace Church has since edited the books and made them available in a spiral-bound single volume which is available here at the GCM website.