There is a message that’s at the heart of the Bible. It’s the gospel, the good news of who Jesus is and what He has done. The gospel is what the Old Testament anticipates; it’s what the New Testament unpacks.

Jesus is God. Jesus repeatedly claimed to be God. The Bible says that He is the eternal Son of God, the Savior promised throughout the Jewish Scriptures (the Old Testament), and the Creator of the Universe. All people who have ever lived were created by Jesus, were intended to live for Jesus, and will one day answer to Jesus as Judge for how they have lived. (Read John 1:1-18.)

Jesus became a man to save sinners. Though He existed eternally as God, around 5 b.c. Jesus was miraculously born to a young virgin named Mary. He became a man to provide a way for sinners to be right with God. Jesus is the only person who ever lived without a natural bent toward self-centeredness and without committing one sin. (Read Luke 15.)

Jesus lived & died in the place of sinners. Jesus’ primary mission was to live and die on behalf of sinners. His perfect obedience earned eternal life, which He offers to us. His brutal death paid the penalty which our sins deserve. When Jesus was crucified outside of Jerusalem, he endured the wrath of God, His own Father, that we deserve. (Read Isaiah 53.)

Jesus rose from the dead, ascended to heaven & will return as king. After three days in the tomb Jesus came back to life—truly, literally, and physically! This was witnessed by hundreds of people. Forty days after his resurrection, Jesus ascended to heaven, promising to return to earth as the King and Judge. When he comes He will welcome into His presence forever those who have received him as Savior, and He will condemn to eternal torment those who have rejected Him. (Read Matthew 27–28.)

Jesus commands all people everywhere to repent & trust Him. The only way for you, a sinner, to be right with God and ready for eternity is to recognize your pervasive sinfulness, to decisively turn from it, and to trust in Jesus’ death in your place as your only hope. Repent and trust Jesus Christ. (Read Acts 16–17.)